• Patient anxiety, stress, confusion and frustration

  • Anxiety of accompanying patient support; parents, other family members, caregivers

  • Patient overall dissatisfaction, leading to crippling survey scores

  • Missed opportunities to motivate healthful behavior and cross-market other services and programs

  • Crying children, unhappy adults and general negativity can spread to others in the waiting room, and staff as well

Exam Room Symptoms
  • The #1 complaint from patients is exam-room wait time (21 long minutes on average). 

  • Wait time challenges productivity and outcome, creates anxious and unhappy patients, and negatively affects survey scores. 

  • Wait time is waste time, a wasted opportunity

  • Equip your Exam Room to engage, entertain and educate patients with highly targeted and appropriate content.

  • Take one dose per patient of OurWorldMD interactive exam table paper to improve patient experience through games, education and technology

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