Your Wait-Time Rx
Engage, Educate, Entertain
For Adults
  • Keeps patients informed and engaged

  • Reduces anxiety and frustration of wait time

  • Cross sell other products, services and programs

  • Patients can access interactive features that increase their understanding of case-specific issues and provide tools for proper tracking and follow-up

  • Increase credibility with Bio info on Doctor, staff and department

  • Creates motivations for survey participation from happy patients

  • Offer relevant free trials, samples, and coupons via QR codes on exam paper

Make Wait-time a great Time!

For Kids

  • Unhappy children create difficulties for the child, parent(s), and medical staff

  • Anxiety, crying, etc. can be contagious and infect other children in the waiting room

  • KidsWorld MD features games, word search, scrambles, mazes, fun facts and health tips

  • Kids and parents can access interactive features that engage, encourage and entertain... in the exam room... and beyond!

To hear Fireman Dan example, click HERE

For Officer Olivia example, click HERE

For Geo (Kid MD) example, click HERE

For Ray & Sunny example, click HERE

High Quality
Exam Table Paper
Quality Paper and Quality Service 

For Everyone

  • We supply quality Exam Table Paper in bulk for all standard sizes and needs.


  • We can provide you with standard white, pre-printed patterns, repeating Logo patterns, OurWorld MD interactive table exam paper for adults, or KidWorld MD interactive exam table paper for children. 

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