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Benefits for Patients

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  • Reduces stress, anxiety and boredom

  • Educates, leading to understanding and quicker correction of problems

  • Increases satisfaction with the entire experience

  • Aids all caregiver interaction (particularly parental) with loved ones before, during and after doctor visits. See for more information.

  • Informing, consoling, reassuring, and relaxing

  • Simple, fun, engaging, interactive, non-challenging

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patience in patients

Benefits for Medical Staff

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Interactive Exam Table Paper

  • Increases patient cooperation by removing anxiety, providing a more positive attitude before you even enter the room

  • Reduces patient interaction time because patients can be better informed and open to even more useful case-specific information and interaction

  • Supports your efforts by presenting you with happier, more cooperative and better prepared patients

  • Your credibility can be enhanced by having background information available on credentials, qualifications and experience

  • Drive satisfied patients to your survey apps

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Your Wait-time Rx

Benefits for Facilities

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  • Improves patient experience and satisfaction--benefits confirmed by the success stories of existing installations

  • Motivates survey participation from happier patients

  • Cross-sells your other facilities, services, programs and promotions

  • Delivers distinction, differentiation and memorability--you are the facility that offers the cool engagement

  • Delivers real-time reporting: In strict adherence to HIPPA laws, you can receive information about the activity and demographics of your patients

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