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Your Wait-Time Rx

Our Mission

OurWorld MD and KidWorld MD integrate Healthcare and Technology in innovative ways to serve facilities' needs and help patients be happier, healthier and better informed by transforming the trauma of the exam room from wait-time/waste-time to a great-time.


Our Vision

We create platforms to pass along positive life lessons to help children and adults, often together. Our unique interactive products nurture positive traits, reward positive action, model positive behavior, and create memorable moments through technology and experiential learning. OurWorld MD and Kidworld MD engage their audiences to take them from anxiety and negative thoughts to the positive, fun and informative.


Our Values

OurWorld MD and Kidworld MD are positive places where you can learn, grow, and be healthier to create new ideas.

OurWorld MD and Kidworld MD create value for everyone in the channel; patients, facilites, medical staff and more. We believe responsibly managing a successful business will create value for OurWorld MD as well, and allow us to invest more to continually enhance our offerings and of course, give back to the community. We believe in turning negatives into positives and that there is always a better, healthier, more interesting and mutually benefitial way. OurWorld MD is a positive force in Our World.

Your Wait-time Rx

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